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Who We Are

We are a public health consulting ​firm that believes in advanced ​solutions that increase ​organizational capacity to impart ​community-focused and data-​driven approaches to improve ​health outcomes and eliminate ​health disparities through training, ​technical assistance, and ​evaluation.

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Health Forward, LLC (Health Forward) is a minority woman-owned public health consultant ​firm committed to increasing organizational capacity to improve health outcomes and ​eliminate health disparities through training, organizational assessment, strategic planning, ​program development and implementation, and evaluation. Health Forward supports ​mission-driven, change-making organizations in developing and strengthening their impact ​through strategic actions and data-driven approaches.

We are committed to work that is rooted in and advances equitable policies, practices, and ​programs aimed at creating pathways for healthier individuals, families, and communities. At ​Health Forward, we center health equity and multi-sectoral collaboration to empower and ​foster healthy, thriving communities for all.

Health Forward works in close partnership with clients to:

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key stakeholders ​throughout each ​phase of the project

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data-driven ​strategies and ​programs


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staff and key ​stakeholders to ​strengthen capacity

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processes, ​performance, ​outcomes, and ​impact

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program and ​organizational ​effectiveness


Melicent R. Miller, DrPH, MSPH, President and CEO of Health ​Forward LLC, is a public health strategist with over fifteen years ​of experience working in the public and non-profit sectors ​where she honed her skills in public health program planning, ​monitoring, and evaluation, grant and budget management, ​quality improvement, and health communication.

Dr. Miller has led initiatives at the state and local government ​level and national non-profit organizations by engaging ​community, clinical, academic, and governmental partners in ​population health focused initiatives to reduce chronic disease ​burden across the lifespan including Alzheimer’s Disease and ​Related Dementias, arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, lupus, and ​obesity. Additionally, Melicent has established state-level ​healthy community recognition programs, developed trainings, ​built multi- sectoral learning collaboratives, and written state-​level health policies.

She has developed and led several successful programs using a ​health and racial equity lens to ensure that every child, ​including her two daughters, have the opportunity to learn and ​grow to become a healthy, thriving, and resilient adult and that ​every adult has access to opportunities that will enable them to ​live long, well lives.

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Health Forward has over a decade of experience collaborating and leading initiatives at the ​state and local government level and national non-profit organizations by engaging ​community, clinical, academic, and governmental partners in population health focused ​initiatives to reduce chronic disease burden across the lifespan. Health Forward has worked ​with diverse partners to establish state-level healthy community recognition programs, build ​multi- sectoral learning collaboratives, write state-level health policies and develop ​successful programs using a health and racial equity lens to ensure that every child and adult ​have the opportunity to learn and grow to become a healthy, thriving, and resilient adult and ​that every adult has access to opportunities that will enable them to live long, well lives.

Our Core Services include:

Training & Capacity Building

Realizing the importance having access to ​the right tools and resources has on the ​overall success of any organization, Health ​Forward offers training at all organizational ​levels from board members to volunteers ​on diverse evidence-based public health ​topics designed to inform public health ​practice.

Organizational Assessment & ​Strategic Planning

Strategic planning helps to ensure that ​organizations are set on the right path to ​achieve their organizational goals. Health ​Forward structures and facilitates the ​planning process to create a vision for ​change and guide teams in making key ​decisions and set priorities for their future ​through a comprehensive approach to ​achieve short-term, intermediate, and ​long-term outcomes.

Program Development and ​Implementation

Programs are the cornerstone of an ​organization. They are the services that are ​provided to the community that impact ​health and wellbeing. Health Forward ​develops programs and projects informed ​by evidence that address health issues, ​focused on improving population health ​and addressing health equity. We foster ​multi-sector collaboration to implement ​evidence-based programs and projects, ​driven to impact population health, ​chronic diseases, and health equity.


Program evaluation is an essential ​organizational practice. Program ​evaluation supports an organization's ​priorities. When programs conduct strong, ​practical evaluations on a routine basis, the ​findings inform organizations on ​effectiveness of their programs and ability ​to serve their community by providing a ​case for continued implementation and ​even increased funding and resources. ​Health Forward provides evaluation ​support aimed at assessing different ​aspects and stages of program ​development, implementation, and ​impact.

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Health Disparities and Aging ​Training Modules

Virginia Walkability Action ​Institute

Health Equity and Community ​Design Technical Assistance ​(TA) Pilot

Evaluation and Technical ​Assistance

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